For people interested in having a Roundhouse constructed, I offer two services.

1) Roundhouse Construction Course

Starting with a consultation phase, followed by a construction phase involving paying participants who wish to learn the construction techniques. Course sizes and duration will be determined with the client who will be in part charged with the organisation of the course and the sourcing, acquisition and preparation of materials for the build. The consultation process is there to assist clients with their preparation. The construction phase is run by me with full instruction of building techniques and processes for the participants involved.

2) Roundhouse Build

A conventional build process with initial consultations to determine the build details followed by a construction phase with a professional team. Clients may be asked to source, acquire and prepare certain materials in preparation for the build process. Consultation will be offered to assist clients in this process.

To enquiry about either of these options please hit the button below and get in touch via the contact form.

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