la petite maison ronde

Far from the madding crowds, in a little corner of the Plateau de Millevaches in France is situated La Petite Maison Ronde.

Built using old and new techniques and methods, she is primarily constituted out of the materials given to me by my surrounding area. Stone, wood, clay, straw and turf made at worst journeys of a few kilometres to end up being combined together to give us what we see in front of us today.

“many hands made light work of even the sturdiest timbers, and many kind words of advice helped to solve the many queries which came along with the building process.”

A special mention must go to Tony Wrench, Bernard Julien and Matthew Meers, this project owes much to these men’s vision and endeavour, and to Oliver Swann for his subsequent guidance and support…

For an in depth description of the techniques employed during the construction, see the following Natural Homes article.

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