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La Petite Maison Ronde is more than just a house, more than just a place to eat and sleep…

Its existence signifies a way point in a journey.

A journey that takes us away from the realities of the modern world we have grown up in, and returns us to a reality that has existed long since before our imaginations can conceive to remember.

Although remember we still do, every time you hear the sound of the tides lapping the shores or the wind running through the trees.

Each time you smell the clean mountain air or hear the birds singing at dawn, a connection, a remembering is aroused within us.

We find ourselves longing after these experiences, in need of the peace and wonder they bring. We take holidays from our everyday experiences and seek them out. It is in these times we remember, if only for a short time, our true relationship to the Earth.

An ancient relationship where once we learnt from the things the Earth gives to us.

With our intelligence, we learnt to build our lives around these gifts in order to fulfil our needs for living, being careful to keep in balance our common needs.

Our stewardship of the Earth fed in to her stewardship of us.  A harmony was sought.

When we experience our relationship to the Earth, that harmony calls back to us, especially now we have travelled so far away from it, it’s call is more stark than ever.

A journey back towards this harmony is what brought me to create La Petite Maison Ronde.

A desire to learn from what the Earth gives to us, and to show myself and others how we can create with the Earth, so that we may experience in our lives at least a modicum of that harmony.

And with our experiences, help to foster and further that harmony for our future generations…

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